5 Interesting Facts About Sleeping Naked

People are not accustomed to sleep naked, but very few know that sleeping naked actually has benefits for the health. It can improve your health overall and boost your confidence in terms of not being ashamed of your body.
So, here are 5 benefits that come from sleeping naked.

1. Boosting your Self-Esteem
Sleeping naked makes you become aware of your body, which in turn can help you become comfortable with it and not be ashamed of it. This is a subtle effect that will make you happier overall on a longer term.

2. Better Skin
The benefits to the skin are one of the more obvious effects. By freeing your body from the confines of your clothes you allow your skin to breathe freely and easily, which can help those that suffer from skin acne.

3. More Fun with Your Partner
Skin-to-skin contact is very soothing to our bodies and minds. When we feel another person’s body pressed against ours a hormone called oxytocinis released in our body,which helps us bond with our partner to an even higher mental level.
In addition, this hormone can help you overcome depression and relieve stress. Oxytocin is released only when you feel the skin of your partner against your skin so if you don’t practice sleeping naked with your partner at least once a week you won’t reap the benefits of the hormone.

4. Anti-aging
Sleeping naked cools your body to a more soothing temperature which helps your body release growth hormones. If you keep your body at higher temperatures you prevent these hormones from being released. That way your skin can’t repair itself more efficiently and wrinkles will appear.

5. Prevents Diseases
This effect is surely surprising to all of us. It is hard to believe, but sleeping naked can prevent the onset of various diseases. One of them is Type 2 Diabetes. This fact is actually supported by many diabetes researchers. Again, it is because your body is at a lower temperature which helps reduce the risk for diabetes and some other serious illnesses.