Lose Weight in 3 Days (Military, AHA 3-Day Diet Plan)

Each one of us longs for that toned and well-shaped body.  But it makes us to think thousand times when it comes to lose and burn away all those excess fat within a short span of time. A 3-Day Diet plan is the most recommended diet to lose excess fat quickly.

The 3-Day Diet plan is not a starvation diet; rather it will allow you to eat normal meals to shed extra pounds. This diet plan includes the ordinary food that you can cook at your kitchen.

So, here are a few of the diet plans, which will enable you to shed off all that extra fat within 3 days, if you follow THREE DAY DIET religiously.

Military or AHA 3-Day Diet Plan

The 3-Day Diet is a short-term diet plan, which will help you to lose weight within 3 days period of time. Following are the easiest means that show how to lose weight within 3 days.

Military and American Heart Association Three Day Diet Plan

This method of dieting ensures at least 10 pounds of weight loss within 3 days period of time. This AHA 3-Day Diet Menu plan is a chemical breakdown diet. This is called with another name like Three Day Military Diet as this diet plan helps the military personnel in losing their fat and in getting into shape within a shorter duration of time (3 days).

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It is called as 3-Day Cardiac Diet, which is widely used for people who are suffering from cardiac or heart diseases. They are suggested to follow this American Heart Association three Day Diet, which can help them in losing weight before undergoing a surgery pertaining to the heart and related issues.

So let us have a deeper look on how to lose weight in 3 days using this Three day diet plan:

Day 1 of the 3 Day Diet Menu:

Have These for Breakfast:

  • Grapefruit- ½ or juice of ½ grapefruit
  • Toast slice-1
  • Peanut butter-1 tbsp
  • Tea or black coffee- 1 cup

Have These for Lunch:

  • Tuna fish- ½ cup
  • Toast slice-1
  • Tea or black coffee-1 cup

Have These for Dinner:

  • Any meat- 2 slices
  • Green beans-1 cup
  • Carrots or beets- 1 cup
  • Apple-1
  • Vanilla flavored ice-cream- 1 cup

Day 2 of the 3 Day Diet Menu:

Have These for Breakfast:

  • Boiled egg-1
  • Banana- ½
  • Toast slice-1
  • Tea or black coffee- 1 cup

Have These for Lunch:

  • Cottage cheese- 1 cup or Tuna- ½ cup
  • Saltine crackers- 5

Have These for Dinner:

  • Wieners or hot dogs-2
  • Broccoli or cabbage-1 cup
  • Carrots or turnip greens- ½ cup
  • Banana- ½
  • Vanilla ice-cream- 1 cup

Day 3 of the 3 Day Diet Menu:

Have These for Breakfast:

  • Boiled egg-1
  • Toast slice-1
  • Tea or black coffee- 1 cup

Have These for Lunch:

  • Cheddar cheese- 1 slice
  • Saltine crackers- 5
  • Apple-1
  • Tea or black coffee- 1 cup

Have These for Dinner:

  • Tuna- 1 cup
  • Carrots or beets- 1 cup
  • Green beans or cauliflower- 1 cup
  • Cantaloupe- 1 cup or apple-1
  • Vanilla ice-cream- ½ cup

Points to Be Kept in Mind:

  • All the while you are making use of this American Heart Association or Military 3-Day Diet plan menu, ensure not to make any kind of variations to the prescribed Three Day Diet menu.
  • This is an already worked and proven diet that is capable of making you lose weight almost 10 full pounds.
  • You can also not make any substitutions to the said diet ingredients.
  • For the seasoning, you can make use of salt and pepper and nothing else.
  • You can have a diet soda when you are on this American Heart Association Three Day Diet plan or Military 3 day diet, with a sweetener.
  • You got to repeat this diet plan for 3 consecutive days in a single week. For the remaining 4 days, you can get back to your usual progressive diet. But remember “not to overeat”.
  • After the completion of the 4 days, you should restart the AHA 3-Day Diet Plan.
  • Remember not to violate a single rule.
  • The best way to avert yourself away from overeating is to cut down on your temptations when you are out for shopping etc.
  • Continue doing this for 3 weeks to lose around 30 pounds. This is the best 3 Week Diet Plan which infuses a sense of determination in you.

More on 3 Day Diet Menu:

The mechanism involved in making this diet a success is essentially taken up by the combination of the foods that are included in it. These are designed in a systematic way, which can act as a combined strategy only.

All these foods in the Military and AHA Three Day Diet Menu contains very less amount of calorie.  So, they can kick start your weight loss all the more easily.


It is advised that you consult your doctor before getting on with this American Heart Association 3 Days Diet Plan. Different individuals come with different body metabolisms; hence, taking the help of your doctor is suggested.

Also, the safety and the validity rates of this diet are to be checked by checking the ingredients which have been discussed previously. What might seem good to one may not be so to the other. So make a judicious use of this diet plan at your own risk.

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3-Day Detox Diet Plan:

There are other simple means to get rid of the excess fat from your body, which always seems to become a cause for low self-esteem and loss of confidence. But, when you give your body a makeover by shedding those extra pounds, then that would really be the best thing you are giving to yourself.

Detoxifying your body is one the most prominent aspects that would bring out the accumulated toxins (these may primarily include contaminants, caffeine and other similar impurities). This simple 3-Day Detox Diet Plan is a blessing to those who seek to give their liver some rest to start all a new to lose weight.

The three Day Detox Diet Plan gives your liver an external help to cure all accumulated toxins in it. So, let us see in detail, the 3-Day Detox Diet Plan. It is mentioned in sequence from morning to night.


When you Rise up Daily:

Ginger and Lemon Detox Drink

Ginger and lemon are great detoxifying agents. Ginger is known to hydrate your body, increase your metabolism level and also ease your bowel movements.


Green Juice or a Simple All-Green Drink

These drinks comprise of alkaline salts that help out in alkalizing your blood stream. This is significant to upgrade the cleansing process and also to reduce the food cravings.

Mid-morning Snack:

  • Sliced pieces of 3 celery stalks
  • Sliced pieces of 3 carrots
  • Sliced pieces of 3 Cucumbers (the C-Cube Detox)

These small pieces of celery stalks, carrots and cucumbers work really great when it comes to keeping you full all morning. They act as your morning snack and also complement the detoxifying process. Follow this snack to lose weight in 3 days.


Sushi Salad or Green Salad

This is a strong and a nutritive amalgamation of sea animals, sea veggies and sprouts. They are absolutely high in iodine and calcium content, which can effectively, clears out the toxins from your body.

Afternoon Snack: Soaked Almonds and other Dried Fruits

Soaked almonds work perfectly to stimulate your cleansing process and also keep you hunger pangs at bay for long.


Potassium Balance Soup

This is based on a physician’s recipe. It is a kind of vegetable potion that can awesomely enable your body to regulate its levels of sodium, potassium and also those of acid and alkalis. This equilibrium is handed over to all the other glands and organs of the body as well.

As a Delicious Dessert:

Pudding of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are absolutely rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This needs to be taken as a snack-like dessert after a sumptuous dinner. Chia seeds can help you in the extraction of toxins from your body.

As a Dinner Calmer:Chamomile Tea

It takes up an effective role as a calming agent and prepares your body for a restful and sound sleep. Detoxification is important for weight loss and a sound sleep is needed for the successful completion of the detoxification process. Enjoy the drink in dinner lose weight in 3 days.

This would help you in dissolving the stress hormones, which can be a major reason for your excessive weight gain.

Military Diet Substitutions

Lots of people want to try out the three day diet or the military diet plan. However, there are some who are not happy with the certain food items included in the 3 day diet menu due to dietary limitations. Some even try to look out for the vegetarian version or a lactose-free 3 day military diet menu.

The good news is that there are food substitutes available which you can experiment with in your 3 day diet. However, it is very important not to alter much with your original military diet menu.

In case you are using substitutes try to consume the same number of calories which you were having in your original 3 day military diet menu. Also, do not change the entire menu with the substitutes.

If you are making substitutions do not worry about the size and calories. E.g.: 1 ounce of cheddar cheese has the same number of calories as the 4 ounces of cottage cheese.

Now, let’s have a look at the various food substitutions which you can incorporate in your three day military diet.

Grapefruit Substitute with Baking Soda

If you do not like the taste of the grapefruit you can substitute it with a baking soda. This is because baking soda like grapefruit improves body’s pH balance which facilitates fat burning.

Add ½ tsp of baking soda in 1 glass of water and consume it. This can be a perfect substitute for ½ grapefruit in your military 3 day diet.

Coffee Substitute with Green Tea  

One of the best substitutes for coffee is the green tea. Caffeine in coffee is all that matters. You can have sugar free hot chocolate as it consists of small caffeine content. You can also resort to an energy drink like a red bull because of its moderate caffeine content.

Peanut Butter Substitute

A lot of people are allergic to peanut butter while few hate its taste. In this case, the best option is to shift to other alternatives like pumpkin butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, soy butter and so on.

Tuna Substitute

If canned tuna is not your thing you can switch to a grilled sushi grade tuna or even a chicken. However, if you are looking out for vegetarian substitutions you can try almonds, peanuts, cottage cheese or even a tofu.

Green Bean Substitute

Lettuce, spinach and tomato can be an excellent substitute for the green bean in your three day military diet. Resorting to other green vegetables can also be a good option.

Substitute Banana

In your 3 day diet menu, you can substitute banana with either of apricots, kiwis and papaya. 1 whole banana can be substituted for 2 kiwis / apricots or a cup filled with papaya.

Carrot Substitute

Not a big fan of this orange veggie? Don’t worry! Try parsnips, beets, celery, bell peppers and squash which give you same amount of nutrition as that of a carrot.

Broccoli Substitute

Want to substitute broccoli in your military diet? Almost all green vegetables can be used for this purpose. Options include cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beetroot and more.

Hot Dog Substitute

Plenty of diet conscious people consider a hot dog as unhealthy food and try to stay away from it. If you are one of them and looking out for substitutes then try having baloney or deli meat, turkey dogs, and bratwurst. Veggies can switch to soy dogs, Portobello mushrooms, lentils and tofu.

Apple Substitute

If by any chance you are not able to get apples for your 3 day military diet menu you can use grapes, peaches, plums, dried apricots, or pears as substitutes.

Substitute of Egg

If you do not like eggs, don’t worry! There are plenty of substitutes available. The common substitutes include a cup of milk, ¼ cup of nuts, 1 chicken wing or 2 bacon slices.

Cottage Cheese

 Is cottage cheese not a part of your military diet plan and you are contemplating of replacing it with some other substitute? Then, try ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, plain Greek yogurt, ham slice or eggs.

Saltine Crackers

A piece of saltine cracker contains 13 calories. So just try to use the substitute with the same number of calories. Rice cake is your best bet for this purpose. Other close substitutes are plain toast and whole grain cereal. But, be sure about the calorie count.

Vanilla Ice Cream Substitute

If you are not an ice cream person or cannot stand the taste of vanilla then you can easily replace it with fruit flavoured yogurt, strawberry flavoured almond milk, apple juice or apple sauce.

Expected Results of the Military Diet

Military Diet results can be extremely positive if you follow it religiously for a proper time span. You can easily achieve the target of losing up to 10 pounds a week or up to 30 pounds per month.

Want to know the best part of this diet? This 3 day diet helps you to lose weight instantly which motivates most of the dieters to go ahead with this diet. Also, you will not gain weight back when you are on the military diet plan.

Military diet facilitates healthy weight loss i.e. you lose fat and not water when you are on the military diet. This is because every meal of the military diet is a low-calorie meal with a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fat which aids fast burning of fats.

Additional Tips for 3 Day Military Diet Substitutions

  • Plan a proper diet schedule for 4 off days. You should have around 1300 to 1500 calories in a day consisting of protein, vegetables and low carbohydrates.
  • Follow the military diet plan Do not try to change it or tweak it apart from few food substitutions mentioned above.
  • Try to be focused & motivated during the military 3 day diet. When you can feel extremely hungry keep reminding yourself about your weight loss target.
  • Make it a point to have a 20-minute walk in a day during the military diet. This will help you to lose more weight on the diet.
  • Strictly follow the pattern of 3 meals a day during the three day military diet. Avoid having an additional meal during the period.
  • If you are a male and want to follow the military diet plan, then add extra 100 calories a day to your 3 day military diet menu. This is because calories requirement for men is more than that for women.
  • Do not cut down on fats completely during the 3 day diet Also, have plenty of healthy fats like olive and coconut oil, eggs, nuts, and butter on the 4 off days.

So, with the Military or American Heart Association Three Day Diet plan menu and the 3-Day Detox Plan, you can easily burn all that extra fat and calories. Make sure to follow the specified points while performing these diet plans. The Military or AHA 3-Day Diet plan provides amazing results, so let us know of your experiences in this regard.

If you want to lose weight in 3 days or very quickly you must try out the three day military diet for best results.

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