29 Holistic Drs/Practitioners Found Poisoned- Some Nearly Dead. Another Attack on Alternative Medicine?

German authorities are diligently trying to figure out how 29 people were poisoned with toxic doses of amphetamines which left some on the verge of death. Below you can see rescue crews hurrying to save their lives.

According to USNews, the 29 natural doctors were simultaneously poisoned at a homeopathic conference this past Saturday in Handeloh, Germany. At approximately 2:25 p.m., an emergency was called in from the convention center requesting assistance. An hour and a half later 150 first responders faced an incredibly horrifying scene.

Reportedly, 29 people who practice naturopathic and holistic medicine were found fighting for their lives. The 24 to 56 year old victims were, “Suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions,” according to the public broadcaster NDR.

“Men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building,” fire service spokesman Mathias Köhlbrandt told the station. He noted that they had not seemed to have intentionally consumed this drug suggesting that the incident was possibly a deliberate malicious attack.

According to DW, the poisoned were all “alternative and homeopathic practitioners.” That’s why this particular incident is raising quite a few eyebrows in light of recent events involving the deaths of other holistic doctors.holistic doctors

Although official details about the incident aren’t yet fully released, many people feel that this event is related to the suspicious deaths of holistic doctors and naturopaths that have been causing quite a stir in the alternative news community recently.

Bradstreet NagalaseIf you haven’t been paying attention, this summer Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was found dead with gunshots to the chest in a North Carolina river miles away from his Buford, GA clinic. Days earlier his clinic was raided by law enforcement agents to confiscate his forbidden work with GcMAF. Dr. Bradstreet was working with the compound to cure autism, cancer, and other diseases.

Credits: DavidWolfe.comAnother incident was the death of Dr. Teresa Sievers, M.D., a provider of essential alternative treatments. She was found dead in her home under suspicious circumstances. Her death, however, was just one of several strange and seemingly related deaths. Follow this link to learn more about the 10 holistic doctors found dead in a short time frame this summer.

It’s no secret anymore that Big Pharma is and has been at war with the alternative medical community. Just take a look at the history of AMA and FDA suppression of natural cures for cancer that goes back at least 50 years.

Then there’s the case of Dr. Burzysnki‘s revolutionary alternative treatment for brain cancer that was systematically suppressed and squashed by the FDA.

David Wolfe sums it up nicely,

“There is a huge profit motive in silencing alternative medicine, specifically because these holistic approaches are designed to empower and liberate patients by addressing root causes, rather than simply treating the symptoms in perpetuity.”

This article will be updated as new information is made available.

[h/t David Wolfe]