11 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy

There are things about the body that might be wrong that you don’t know about. These signs are trying to tell you something, don’t ignore them.

The body is a very complex organism that needs attention and maintenance. Sometimes there are things that go wrong in the body, and it tries to tell you that. These signs are telling you something that you shouldn’t ignore, so pay attention.

1. Gray hair before you hit your 40s: Having gray hair is a natural process of growing older. But, if your hair is half gray and you’re in your 30s you could be dealing with diabetes.

2. Birthmarks: Most birthmarks, moles, and skin tags are harmless, but some can be pretty dangerous. Senile and actinic keratosis is triggered by the sun and UV rays and is considered as a pre-cancer skin changes.

3. Eye White: The white part of the eyes should always be white. If the white part of your eye is yellow, you could have jaundice, liver or gallbladder problems. If they’re red, it could be a sign of hypertension or a viral disease.

4. Chapped lips: Chapped lips are pretty common especially during the colder months and can be triggered by temperature changes and the wind. But, if the lips often crack and you have inner sores, you probably lack vitamin B and zinc. It could also mean that you have a fungal infection.

5. Swollen neck: If you notice that your neck is swollen, you should consult your doctor. If the front part of the neck is swollen, it could mean thyroid issues.

6. Loss of eyebrows: As you grow older fewer eyebrows is common. But if you experience sudden hair loss it could indicate thyroid problems, hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid.

7. Red palms: Having red palms could mean dermatitis, eczema, or an allergic reaction to metal, drugs, food or drinks.

8. Nail changes: Nails are a big health indicator if something goes wrong in the body. When something goes wrong with your health, look at your nails.

9. Cold Feet: The feet are farther away from the heart than any other part of the body and any cardiovascular disease is first shown in the feet.

10. Red face: Face changes can happen from hormonal changes, temperature changes, and hot food. Rosy cheeks can be a sign of rosacea, which is a chronic skin disease that affects women.

11. You’re shorter: this may sound odd, but as we grow older we become shorter. The rate in which our height changes can indicate there is an issue with the bones.


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