10 Dangerous Brain-Damaging Habits to Stop Immediately

The only organ in our body that ‘thinks’ is often the one we think the least about.

Our brain is the single most important organ in our body, controlling everything we do, from breathing, walking, eating, sleeping, etc. It’s the central processor for all our bodily functions, the part that interprets what we see and hear, smell and taste, and even a place where the chemical reaction associated with love occurs.

With all that in mind (excuse the pun), we practice ten common bad habits that actually damage our brain, and should be avoided:

1. Skipping breakfast

Sometimes, you skip your breakfast with many reasons. Actually, this is one of the bad habits that cause brain damage. Skipping breakfast will make you lack of energy, nutrients, and so many others bad effects, even it can damage your brain. Therefore, do not skip your breakfast in order that you have a healthy brain.

2. Overeating

Another bad habit that causes brain damage is that overeating. This habit can cause the confusion in your brain and also an imbalance production of insulin hormone. In short, you can damage your brain when you both lack of eating and overeating.

3. Dehydration

The next habit is dehydration. The lack of water in your body actually will bad for your brain since it can affect the brain cells.

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. A good night’s sleep (8 hours) is vital for your brain, as well as your internal organs. It has been recently discovered that the brain cleanses itself of toxins only during the deep sleep cycle. Sleep deprivation also accelerates the death of brain cells, which can lead to impaired memory and reduced faculties.

5. Stress

Yes, stress is very bad, especially for your brain. Too much stress, indeed, can cause the damage in your brain. Thus, just relax and erase your stress.

6. Sleeping With Your Head Covered

You might find it comforting and warm, but sleeping with a covered head leads to increased intake of carbon dioxide and decreased intake of oxygen. As mentioned before, oxygen is vital for brain function, and not getting enough can damage your brain cells.

7. Consuming too much sugar

Do you like sugar? You need to be careful, actually since when you consume too much sugar, you can get a brain damage. Sugar will interrupt protein absorption so you will get malnutrition.

8. Smoking

As we know that smoking habit is very bad, not only for your lungs but also for your brain. The brain damage can happen with this smoking habit in which regular smoking causes brain shrinkage.

9. Speaking rarely

You need to express your feeling by speaking. In fact, speaking rarely can damage your brain since your brain does not used to think something. Thus, just speak what you want to say.

10. Thinking hard when you are ill

When you are ill, it means that you need to get rest. If you think so hard even when you are ill, brain damage will occur. Stop all of those bad habits that cause brain damage and you’ll get a longer life span.

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