Salmon Caught In Seattle Are FULL Of Cocaine, Antidepressants And Other Drugs, Study Finds

Unfortunately, nowadays, many foods are pumped with antibiotics and hormones. That’s why people won’t be surprised if they found fish with drugs into them. However, the type of drugs that were found in wild salmon, caught near Seattle, may surprise you.

Drugs Have Been Found Inside Wild Salmon

A paper published, in the international journal Environmental Pollution, said that in the USA near Seattle, salmon which was caught contained over 81 different types of drugs, including stimulants, and many illegal drugs.

Cocaine, OxyContin, nicotine, caffeine, Tylenol, Valium and antidepressants were some of the most significant drugs which were found in the tissue of salmon. According to researchers, the contamination of salmon was a result of personal waste being thrown into the water.

In 2004, was discovered that Atlantic salmon, farmed in Scotland, contained the highest level of chemicals that cause cancer in the world. Well, as you can see, this is not the first time that salmon was found to contain traces of unpleasant and possibly harmful substances.

In 2008, salmon products were recalled from supermarkets because there were concerns that they contain diesel. According to experts, salmon got contaminated with diesel during the process of transporting.

As per Jim Meador, this was not the first time when drugs were found in salmon. However, researches were surprised to have seen such a high amount of drugs into salmon.

Meador said that an outflowing of water was higher than they expected. They have been analysing samples for 150 compounds, and they had detected 61% of them in the effluent.

Jim Meador doesn’t believe that fish which are contaminated with these drugs is a threat to human health. Meador still believes that there should be a concern and a response to this information.

According to Jim Meador, ‘we should wonder what happens to the fish.’