The Oil that Cures Migraines, Depression, Anxiety and Even Cancer

Referred to as the King of Oils Frankincense has a long and rich history of promoting health. Frankincense is known for being used as a prized and precious essential oil.

Throughout history it has been used by the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians in religious ceremonies, and as a resin for balms and salves. 

And not to mention the three Kings giving it to baby Jesus as an offering. Frankincense has so many health benefits you will wonder why you haven’t been using it on a daily basis.

Frankincense is taken from Boswellias when it is extracted from the bark of the tree. The milky-white sap quickly hardens to form a resin and then is scraped off the tree in droplet form.

The color and quality of this resin varies in its different forms, from the highest quality (clear and silvery in color) to the lowest (of a brown-yellow hue).

Today, the therapeutic value of the frankincense resin is held in high regard. Here are some of the health benefits it possesses:

1. Help with wounds 

For best results, apply Lavender essential oil first then layer Frankincense on top.  This combination is powerful when aiding wounds, cuts and burns.

2. Neurological support.
Frankincense oil is known to help with brain functions and functions of the central nervous system in particular. It is particularly good at helping with clarity of thinking, or balancing the emotions.

3. Reduce and fade scars.

Combine 2-3 drops of frankincense oil with coconut oil, and directly apply it on your skin for reduction of scars.

4. Helps the immune system.

Massage a small amount of frankincense  into the balls of your feet daily to boost your immune system.

5. Reduce stress and anxious feelings.

Frankincense oil helps the body to relax and promotes feelings of calm. Massage the oil into the back of neck when feeling stressed.

6. Hormones and Memory

Frankincense can help improve the memory and can help balance hormones.

7. Anti-ageing  

Add a few drops to your daily moisturizer to help reduce signs of ageing.

8. Head tension.

Frankincense can reduce feelings of the tension in the head.

9. Congestion.

Add up to six drops in a sink or bowl filled with hot water then bend over the sink with a towel draped over your head to keep the steam in. Inhale the vapors for at least five minutes, adding more hot water if needed.

10. Itch relief

Applying one drop of oil to the affected area will reduce the itch

11. Helps joint pain and swelling

Mixed with a carrier oil, frankincense rubbed into the joints at night will relieve swelling and pain.

12. For clear skin

Apply one drop to spots both morning and night.

13. Relaxation 

5 or 6 drops added to a diffuser will create a calming atmosphere. A few drops as a perfume will also elevate your mood.

14. Remove moles, skin tags, and warts.

Applied 3 or 4 times a day until gone, a few drops will get rid of these unwanted lesions.

15. Enhanced vision

1-2 drops of Frankincense taken in your hand and then rubbed into each of your temples can provide greater clarity to your vision and bring everything into greater focus.

16. Remove musty odors.

A couple of drops placed in a small dish of water will ensure the room will take on a much fresher smell.

17. Oral Health:

Can be used as preventative measure against oral health problems such as bad breath, toothaches, cavities, canker sores, and other infections. Mixed with baking soda and coconut oil creates a homemade toothpaste.

18. Promote sleep 

Used at nighttime, it  will help you slow down your breathing and relieve nervous tension and anxiety.

19. Enhance the efficacy of other essential oils.

Use Frankincense combined with other essential oil to enhance that oil’s properties and drive the oils deeper into the cells.

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