How To Flush Nicotine Out of Your Body Naturally

Smoking a cigarette releases nicotine into your bloodstream which is pleasurable for the smoker, but for that nicotine to leave your body it takes 6-8 hours, of which most is released when urinating. Regarding nicotine stored in your body, it takes 48-72 hours and 20-30 days for the nicotine’s byproduct cotinine to leave your body.


Studies show that if you eat more fruit and vegetables rich in metabolism boosting vitamin C nicotine leaves your bloodstream faster. Namely, a survey made by public health researchers from the University of Buffalo surveyed 1,000 smokers aged 25 or older throughout the country. Fourteen months later, the researchers checked if the participants had abstained from tobacco during the previous month. The result was that the ones who ate the most vegetables and fruit were 3 times more inclined to stay off tobacco compared to those who consumed smaller amounts, for at least 30 days. Also they scored better on a nicotine-dependency test and smoked less frequently per day.


The reasons people who ate more vegetables and fruit have an easier time quitting cigarettes include: they make people feel sated, because smokers occasionally confuse hunger with cigarette craving; lowered nicotine dependence; fruit and vegetables could make the taste of tobacco repulsive, unlike alcohol, coffee or meat; a healthier lifestyle has a better chance at making smokers give up their smoking.



1. Water hydrates the body unlike dehydrating nicotine. Water flushes nicotine from the system because nicotine forms salts with acids that are usually solid and water soluble.

2. Vegetables, such as eggplant, beans, cucumbers, and celery influence cigarette taste, decreasing nicotine dependence. However, don’t consume too much sweet vegetables since their sugar level is high and that could disturb the balance in the brain pleasure areas, in turn increasing the desire for smoking.

3. Nettle has a high concentration of iron, great for combating infection.

4. Kiwi purges nicotine from your body and restores vitamins A, C and E, which are reduced from smoking.

5. Pine needle tea has been used for mouth and throat disinfection for a long time, although it could also help with lung health.

6. Orange has high levels of vitamin C which can replace its loss in your body, since smoking reduces it. It also reduces stress and fastens your metabolism, enabling faster nicotine removal.

7. Spinach has an abundance of vitamins and folic acid which is excellent for your body as well as making tobacco taste repulsive.

8. Broccoli has high amounts of vitamin B5 and C, replenishing lost vitamin C and protects your lungs from toxin damage.

9. Carrot juice helps with nicotine removal by having high levels of vitamin A, B, C and K. Because nicotine damages your skin, carrot juice works wonders for your skin’s health.


Source: healthyfoodplace


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