Drinking Wine May Help You Lose Weight, Experts Say

Moderate amounts of alcohol have been linked to health benefits. There are various kinds of alcohol, and each person has a favourite one. Most often wine is number one on this list.

Furthermore, it has been proven that wine has exceptional usefulness for our health. Even though it has twice the alcohol content as most beers, wine can aid in slimming down.

Health Benefits of Wine

In all likelihood, you are not aware of the unbelievably positive effect that wine has on your health. This is because wine has beneficial antioxidants which are fighters against some diseases and do wonders for your immune system.

Some of the benefits of drinking wine are: your bone density may increase, the risks of stroke and heart diseases are reduced. Also, the most recent finding is that if you have wine before going to bed, it can help you in taking off weight.

The scientists and researchers from Washington State University and Harvard exposed to view an undeniable chemical found in wines which can aid in stopping fat cells in the body from collection more fat. Resveratrol is the name of this chemical.

As maintained by experts at the Mayo Clinic, “The resveratrol in red wine comes from the skin of grapes used to make wine. Because red wine is fermented with grape skins longer than is white wine, red wine contains more resveratrol.” Moreover, the Mayo Clinic claims that:

“Resveratrol might be a key ingredient in red wine that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) and prevents blood clots. Some research shows that resveratrol could be linked to a lower risk of inflammation and blood clotting, which can lead to heart disease.

Resveratrol has also been found to help keep your body from acquiring more fat! The scientists found that by drinking two glasses of wine every day, one can help lower their risk for obesity by an enormous 70%.”

More Studies Done On Wine

Many studies and research have been conducted to prove the benefits of wine on our health. For example, the University of Denmark conducted a study in which they found a connection between the size of your waist and the amount of wine you drink.

To be precise, they uncovered that people who are drinking wine daily had slim waistlines than people who aren’t.
What’s more, another study on weight gain was done at Harvard. Twenty thousand people were tested, and the results have shown that all of them who put on much weight had an insufficient amount of wine in their diet.
A significant number of people claim that drinking wine before bedtime helped them in losing weight.


To conclude, all of these studies have shown that wine helps you in losing weight. One of the reasons why this is so is that wine has calories which make you feel full; thus, you avoid late-night eating. Thereupon, to be healthful, don’t hesitate to drink a glass of wine before nighttime.