15 Benefits and Uses of Bergamot Essential Oil

There are some people who are not too familiar with Bergamot but this comes from the peel or rind of Citrus Bergamia. This has a rather citrus smell but unlike other citrus fruits, it smells rather sweet and it has a deep sort of scent. There are not a lot of people who like this citrus scent but there are different people who appreciate its unique smell. Aside from its smell though, Bergamot essential oil is known for a lot of other things. It can be very effective for health and it can also help enhance people’s sense of well being.

It is important that people pay attention to the type of oil that they are going to purchase. There are different varieties in the market. When searching for Bergamot oil, it is important that you consider the different qualities of Bergamot oil. Remember that not all oils are created equal. There are some that are bound to be better than others. It is likely that the ones you can purchase over the counter does not contain pure essential Bergamot oil. When choosing the proper essential oil for you, consider the following:

  • Search for oil that comes from a plant that has never been exposed to pesticides or even herbicides.
  • Make sure that the oil has been extracted in proper temperatures.
  • Check out the reviews about the essential oil brand that you are planning to purchase beforehand. If you see a lot of negative reviews, search for another one.

Aside from the fact that this is often used for perfume, a lot of people recognize it more for its different primary benefits. Here are the benefits and uses that can be received with the use of Bergamot Essential Oil.

Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

  1. Anti Depressant

If you are searching for a natural anti depressant, you can rely on Bergamot oil to give you what you need. If you would inhale it, you will begin to feel a sense of joy. The sadness that you are feeling will diminish because the blood’s circulation will improve greatly.

  • If you have an air diffuser, you can place a few drops of this together with water.
  • Stay in the room and turn off the lights.
  • Sit comfortably and gently inhale the scent of Bergamot.
  • After some time, you will feel happier and you will begin to feel better.
  1. Aids in Digestion


One of the things that can make people stressed out is indigestion. This can make people feel uncomfortable and bloated. This can be avoided by using bergamot oil. It can help stimulate the secretion of digestive juices so that digestion can be easier and faster for the body.

  • Get 1 – 2 drops of Bergamot oil.
  • Massage on the stomach for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed by the skin.
  • This is best done before meals for an easier digestion.
  1. Helps You to Relax

There will be moments when you will just be too stressed with work. You do not know how to unwind anymore. Instead of hoping you could get some days off when you know that it is not possible, you can start to expose yourself to Bergamot oil instead. Bergamot contains some flavonoids that can help the body start to relax. You can expect the following:

  • It will get rid of any symptoms that are normally associated with stress.
  • It will also help you sleep better at night.
  • This can also help reduce high blood pressure.
  1. Effective in Removing Scars


Bergamot oil contains some agents that are responsible for the removal of various scars and marks on the skin. This is the main reason why a lot of cosmetic products contain this essential oil because it can be good for your ski. The use of bergamot oil on the skin can do the following:

  • Removes unwanted marks and even sun spots.
  • Helps in the distribution of pigments on the skin which can result to a more even skin tone.
  • This is normally used as an effective remover of acne scars on the skin.

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  1. It can help in lowering body temperature

There are times when you may have a high body temperature because your body is trying to fight an infection. It is also likely that you are feeling cold and you would like to feel warmer. You can expect that bergamot oil can do the following:

  • This can be effective in fighting viruses and bacteria that may cause certain diseases.
  • This can stimulate gland secretions that can make people sweat and eventually make people feel more comfortable.
  • This can also help remove poisonous toxins from the body.
  1. Get rid of worms found inside the body

This is more common in children but this happens nonetheless than worms are found inside the body. This could have occurred because of drinking food that been infested by worms that are not visible to the naked eye. Having intestinal worms can lead to malnutrition.

  • Take about 2 – 3 drops of Bergamot oil and rub it first with the palm of your hands.
  • Place it on the abdominal area.
  • This would need to be done every day until the intestinal worms are banished from the body.
  1. Helps reduces cavities


What is your reason why you have problems with your teeth? Perhaps you did not take care of it the way that you should have. Now is not the time for you to blame yourself. Rather, you can use Bergamot oil to help you get rid of the bad bacteria found on your teeth.

  • Rub 3 drops of bergamot oil on all of the areas of your teeth that are affected.
  • Gargle with warm water for a few minutes.
  • Another alternative is to add the few drops of Bergamot oil to your toothpaste.

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  1. Can Cure Skin Infections

Are you having some issues with your skin? Perhaps germs have caused your skin to have some growth that you would like to remove at the soonest possible time. You can always opt to visit your dermatologist but if you would rather do something natural, you can choose to place Bergamot oil on your skin.

  • Simply apply a few drops of oil on the affected area of the skin.
  • Massage gently for a few minutes.
  • Your skin will fully absorb the Bergamot oil.
  • Remember that you can only do this if your skin is not too sensitive to Bergamot.
  1. Reduce symptoms of some types of pain


Bergamot oil can be effective in the increase of hormone secretions. This means that the pain that you are feeling will be lessened considerably because your nerves will be less sensitive to the pain. This can help stop the need to use pain killers each time.

  • You need to use 5 drops of Bergamot essential oil.
  • Rub the oil on your sore muscles.
  • Wait for the oil to take effect.
  • This is also the same when you are suffering from headaches or other types of body pain.

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  1. Can be used as deodorant

There are a lot of people who would like to experiment and use the right deodorant for them but they find it a bit hard to do so because some deodorants give them unwanted body odor. Bergamot oil can be used as a natural deodorant and can eliminate all sorts of unwanted smell.

  • You can apply 2 drops of Bergamot oil on each underarm.
  • Rub gently until it becomes absorbed by the skin.
  • You can also add bergamot oil to the deodorant that you are using and use the deodorant as usual.
  1. Helps give protection against tetanus

Tetanus is known as a nerve ailment and this is caused by a bacteria. This is often received from getting exposed to rust and other toxic materials through an open wound to the skin. Usually the toxin causes some parts of the body to be poisoned until it is unable to recover. Since bergamot essential oil contains antiseptic properties, this can be very effective in getting rid of the bacterium that can cause the infection to occur.

  • Search for the area that is at risk of infection.
  • Put about 5 drops of Bergamot oil on the cotton ball.
  • Place on the affected area of the skin.
  • Wait for a few minutes before removing.
  • You can do this everyday.

  1. Helps get rid of congestion

There will be days when you will find it hard to breathe because your nose just feels so congested. Instead of reaching for that cold and flu medication, perhaps you would like to try some home remedy instead. Bergamot oil can help mucus and phlegm easier to remove so that you will begin to feel better.

  • You need to have an oil burner or a vaporizer.
  • Place a few drops of Bergamot oil and let it diffuse.
  • Breathe in the wonderful scent of the oil and you will begin to feel relief.
  • If in case you do not have an oil burner or a vaporizer, you can place the oil on the palm of your hands.
  • Rub your palms together and inhale the pleasant smell of the oil.
  1. Helps you get over anxiety

There will be days when you cannot help but feel anxious about the things that are happening to you. You may be feeling anxious because of the things that you are experiencing or you may be feeling anxious because of a presentation that you are going to present in front of an important audience. No matter what is causing your anxiety, you can rely on Bergamot oil to make you feel better.

  • Place a few drops of Bergamot oil on the diffuser.
  • Try to relax as you breathe in the scent.
  • This can be effective especially when you are trying to calm down your nerves or you are trying to perfect the presentation you are about to do.
  1. Regulates and balances hormones


It was mentioned earlier that Bergamot oil can be effective in the production of hormones. It does not only produce hormones, it makes sure that the hormones are balanced. Aside from the production of insulin, it can also help the reproductive hormones of the ovaries so women can benefit from getting exposed to Bergamot.

  • It has been said that through Bergamot oil, women are known to get relief from their menopausal stage.
  • This can also be effective for diabetics who would like to control their blood sugar levels.
  • Women suffering from PMS may cramps may have lesser symptoms after exposure to this essential oil.
  1. Can be excellent for hair care

What is that one thing that can embarrass you about your hair? There are a lot. You may get embarrassed because of hair fall or perhaps you have some pimples on your scalp but it can also be a bit irritating when you have dandruff flakes on your shoulders. The use of Bergamot oil can help get rid of those flakes.

  • Mix bergamot oil with coconut oil and water.
  • Mix together and place on your hair for a few minutes.
  • Rinse after with warm water.
  • You will notice that after the rinse, your hair has become shinier and healthier looking.


Other Ways to Use Bergamot Oil

  1. This can be placed in an air diffuser so that it can give relief and calm down people who are in the same room. This can lessen the tension that people are feeling in general.
  2. This can be used while bathing in order to give anyone a sense of calm.
  3. This essential oil can also be used as an ingredient in foot spa or for a foot massage.

A Few Precautions When Using Bergamot Oil

It is obvious that Bergamot oil has a lot of uses and benefits but you still have to consult your doctor about using it if:

  • Your skin is highly sensitive
  • You are pregnant or nursing
  • You have a medical condition that requires you to be under constant doctor care.

Now that you have learned everything that you need to know about Bergamot oil, you may be excited to start using it so you can start reaping its full benefits.

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