10-Year-Old Boy Grew His Hair And Donated It To Create Wigs For Young Cancer Patients

‘’Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give’’. – Unknown author

Love and kindness are never wasted, and they always make a huge difference in someone’s life. It’s nice to be reminded and to do acts of kindness.

In 2014, a boy called Thomas Moore was nearly eight years old when he saw a video of then five years old Kyssi Andrews. Kyssi Andrews was a little girl who had cancer and who lost her hair due to the chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, Kyssi passed away, but Thomas felt really sad about her and others who have cancer. Thomas who was a brave boy got a fantastic idea: he has cut his hair to help children who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Thomas’s aunt spread the story and obtained 57,000 retweets in a short time. People were impressed by the selfless act of kindness coming from this little boy.

Thomas avoided the barber chair for two years.

While Tom’s mom was watching the Kyssi’s video, Thomas came up behind her to take a look. Thomas was aged seven at that time, and actually, he didn’t understand what the story was about.

However, his mother explained to him the basis of cancer and how chemotherapy results in hair loss. She mentioned that the drugs used during the treatment would attack the rapidly growing cancer cells, but they would also attack other healthy cells in the body.

Cells supporting the hair roots on the scalp and all over the body would be affected too. Finally, she told him that people who go through chemotherapy experience a lot of pain and lose their hair.

Thomas figured that it wasn’t easy to lose the hair in such a young age and he felt that he had to do something for the poor girl.

Then Thomas made a decision. He decided not to cut his hair until it grew long enough to make two full wigs. He didn’t know how much time he will need to do that. However, he was sure that he wanted to grow his hair long enough in order to help the little girl to look and feel better.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Amber Ray, Thomas’s aunt explained that Thomas was very dedicated in achieving his goal.

Amber Ray explained that growing his hair for two years wasn’t always easy for Thomas. He has a tender scalp, and getting his hair braided always brought him a lot of pain. There were periods when Thomas wanted to quit, but then he got encouraged him to keep pushing. His aunt said that sometimes, they had to remind him of the reason why he was growing his hair.

Three wigs for three cancer survivors

After two years, on one Saturday morning, 10-year-old Thomas went to get his hair cut at a wig salon. His long strands measured 17 healthy inches of fine hair when they came off. Thomas had grown so much hair, the hairstylist made three wigs out of it!

Thomas’s mom said that she was amazed by her son’s unrestrained selflessness in a 2016 interview with NBC4.

Thomas’s mom, Angie Pulos, said that it was fantastic that Thomas felt he could do something so selfless to help somebody else.