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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Alkalizing, Anti-Inflammatory Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic at Home

Herbs and spices add flavor to our food. Besides increasing the palatability of otherwise bland foods, they work as digestive aids, the volatile oils in them having a therapeutic action on the digestive system and various other organ systems in the body. Their antimicrobial properties have long earned them an important place in food preservation […]

A Simple And Easy Trick For Removing Arthritis, Back Pain And Sciatica. Works Better Than Pills!

Many studies proved that castor oil is full of healthy fats and fat acids like the ricinoleic one that is really healthy. Also this oil is like laxative, antiviral, antibacterial and analgesic too so it treats the pain in the back, arthritis and sciatica. To add, it cures chronic constipation, makes skin hydrated, hair growth […]

How to find out what’s making your stomach hurt using this ‘belly map’

There are many different types of abdominal pain, with some a lot more serious than others. Depending on where you feel discomfort, it could be a sign of different health conditions: Gallstones Stomach ulcers Kidney stones Pancreatitis Constipation Read: Stomach Ache Or Food Poisoning? How To Tell If Your Abdominal Pain Is Potentially Life-Threatening When you […]

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