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What is GcMAF?

GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer. All 5 billion healthy humans make their own GcMAF.  If healthy we make around 10,000 cancer cells a day, but your GcMAF, which has six attacks on cancer, destroys them every day. In all GcMAF has 20 beneficial […]

Forget Fluoride! Make Your Own Toothpaste with These 3 Easy Recipes

Ingredients found in conventional toothpastes — including sodium fluoride, synthetic dyes derived from petroleum or coal tar, sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, artificial sweeteners, and triclosan — might make us think twice about the products we employ for the sake of our teeth. Of course, we’re […]

How Emotions Harm Your Body

Freely experienced and judgement-free emotions flow deliberately. On the other hand, negative emotions often triggered by fear are able to zap mental energy and good hope, which eventually lead to health problems, including hypertension or indigestion. Recognizing and identifying your thoughts and emotions is essential, and you should also be aware of their impact on […]

10 Industrial Uses for Coke Which Prove it’s Not Fit for Human Consumption

Coca-Cola is recognized across the globe as the most valuable brand in history, as well as the second most recognized phrase in the world after “hello.” In many place across the globe purchasing a Coke is ironically easier and less expensive than accessing clean water. Although Coke attempts to portray itself as a socially and […]

The Best Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Ear Infection

An ear infection (acute otitis media) is a painful condition that is more likely to develop in children than adults. This makes the management and treatment somewhat more difficult and sensitive, as parents and health care professionals don’t want to risk the child’s health.  After a crying infant is brought to the doctor’s office following […]

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